Small Business Advisory Services & Special Projects

Small business owners wear lots of hats – in addition to your CEO duties, you may also oversee your company’s operations, marketing and HR. You might even shovel the sidewalks in the winter and empty the trash cans after office hours.

But another critical job responsibility that should always be on your mind is that which involves business strategy, planning and decision making that requires deeper thinking and thorough financial analysis.

Having a business partner like MiBAS that can help you not only think but act is a crucial trait to the strategic success of your company. Will you make your budget? How will you find new revenue opportunities to expand your company? What are your most profitable products or services? How do you manage cash flow cycles? How do you time strategic purchases?

MiBAS offers a breadth of CFO type services that can take the form of one time projects or ongoing tasks that can help you meet specific business objectives. A sample of some of our advisory services include:

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